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If you’re planning a visit to Cape Town and want to get the most out of staying. in this travel blog, We’ll tell you what to try and do, where to stay in South Africa.

If you ask what makes cape town so Amazing? We’ll say the mountain and the sea, the perfect combination of those two will convert any city in an awesome place for living and traveling.

South Africa is a fantastic and really diverse country. I recommend going there when it’s winter within the northern hemisphere thus you’ll enjoy their summer. Downtown Cape Town is gorgeous, and also the harbor area is one in all the nicest and best places for shopping. Its charms on the far side its natural beauty aren’t as obvious, and it isn’t as simple to navigate as a typical European town.

Cape Town for quite a while and like doing water activities, being close to the beach we’d suggest staying in the big Bay area. There are several vacation apartments rental places here. It’s quite far from the city center but at the Bloubergstrand beach which is nice for kitesurfing (November – March) and surfing (April – October). There are surfing and kite-surfing faculties and rental places around. big Bay is a terribly nice Long Beach, nice for long walks or running, several restaurants And bars around. It’s not the best area to stay if you come for a couple of days but an excellent place if you’re staying for weeks or months. it has a lot of a vacation place feeling than the town.  Get Cheap Flights to Cape Town

Table Mountain

wherever you’re in Cape Town, you’ll always see Table Mountain. This a thousand meters high mountain looks like it’s terribly steep and flat at the top. Don’t underestimate the climb, it’ll take you some hours so wear good footwear and bring sufficient water and snacks. there are numerous routes up and they’ll all take you a pair of hours. when you get to the top you’ll find out that it isn’t as flat as you might have thought but it honestly contains a few valleys and peaks. not in a sporty mood? There’s additionally a cable car going up and down. so come here in the morning to skip crowds, take a cable car, drink a cup of espresso in table Mountain cafe taking part in the lovely view over the town. Flights to Cape Town


In cape city, you have many terribly excellent regions. Bo Kaap was a neighborhood that made You terribly happy because all the houses are painted in a unique color and photo tip for girls; colorful dresses look awesome for photographs in opposition to blue, yellow, red, green, and many others. Walls.

Bo Kaap is actually the near lengthy street, a street with numerous bars and eating places. in case you’re trying to find a fun night out, the long street is surely the region to go.

There are walking and even cycling tours within the neighborhood and around you can be a part of one of them if you want. If you want cycling you will enjoy cape town biking tour

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Kruger Park

We really suggest that you visit Kruger Park. It’s fantastic to see such a lot of animals in their natural habitat. You Can See lots of species of animals like hyenas, baboons, vervet monkeys, waterbucks, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, springboks, impalas, elephants, mongoose, rhinos, snake, chameleon, warthog, jackal, and wildebeest. There are also many birds, storks, vultures, eagles, and also very rare species like sable antelope

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